Interests and Missions

Interests and Missions

To improve the quality of life for those with autism and other different-abilities by:

· Decreasing the stigma through education about autism and disabilities within our communities, legal justice systems and schools

· Embracing diversity in others and expecting the same

· Holding society, government agencies, private agencies and professionals accountable for their actions and / or lack thereof regarding people with autism and other different-abilities

· Recognizing and rewarding those that are really doing a great job

· Maintaining our civil and constitutional rights provided to us by God and our Constitution

· Zero tolerance for hate crimes against anyone with autism or other disabilities and their families

· Always Questioning Authority in order to make progress in social change

· Controlling the funding that our loved ones are entitled to through the law

· Making informed decisions about our healthcare and services

· Providing a voice through total communication approaches such as verbal expressive language, sign language, gestures, pictures, assistive technology AND facilitated communication

· Providing information regarding biomedical treatments and vaccine related issues

· Exposing the issues of abuse and discrimination of people with autism and other different-abilities

· Living Life to the fullest despite the nay-sayers!