Always Question Authority Autism Conference October 2, 2009


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Boyd Haley, PhD:

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center,  is an international speaker and world expert on mercury toxicity and neurological diseases.  He was a founder and is the scientific advisor of ALT Biosciences, Inc.  His research in the biochemical aberrancies in Alzheimer’s disease also lead to his identifying mercury toxicity as a major exacerbating factor, perhaps even a causal factor for this disease.  He was one of the first to propose that the organic-mercury preservative (thimerosal) in vaccines was the most likely toxic agent involved in Gulf War Syndrome and autism related disorders.  Further, in collaboration with others he has shown using mercury analysis of birth-hair that autistics represent a subset of the population that cannot excrete mercury effectively.  In the past few years Dr. Haley has testified on the effects of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams and vaccines before the Congressional Committee on Government Reform, the Pentagon to Surgeon Generals, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and to numerous legislative committees at the State level that were considering bills to remove thimerosal and mercury from dental and vaccines products.  He has also testified before the FDA committee for Review and Analysis of the Literature on the Health Effects of Dental Amalgams and before the


Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences regarding vaccines and autism.

Andrew Moulden, MD, PhD:  (Brain Specialist)

holds degrees in Biological Psychology (Bachelors),  Child Development (Masters) with thesis in developmental neuropsychology and language development in children.   His PhD is in Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, with a sub specialty in Cognitive Neuroscience.  His doctoral thesis was in neuro-electrophysiology and Functional Brain Imaging.   He has received over 27 scholarships and awards for academic and research excellence in the brain and behavioral sciences.  He is the developer of the BrainGuard, non-invasive neurovascular imaging protocol, enhanced measurement, imaging and diagnostic tools for neurologists and hematologists. 


He explains his view that neurological,  hematological, and immunological evidence supports the conclusion that all vaccines carry the risk of major injury leading to chronic diseases and disorders including, but not limited to Autism. The forensic evidence, as he states, is now as easy as “come see for yourself.” – Tolerance Lost.

He states there are answers AND solutions for the vaccine injured, neurodevelopment disorders population,  and public health departments.


Dr. Moulden,  continues to expand his work helping individuals with autism through affiliations with Brightsteps & Therapy4Kids in addition to successfully testifying in vaccine exemption / injury cases.



8:30am to 9:00am:   Registration


9:00am-9:15am:  K.Dunkelberger; Opening


9:15am-10:15am:  Dr. Boyd Haley

Mercury Toxicity & Disease Connection

(Autism, Alzheimer’s, Gulf War Syn., etc)

Answers and Treatment Options including “OSR”, a new antioxidant supplement to treat oxidative stress and toxicity.


10:15am-10:30am:   Break


10:30am-11:15am:  Dr. Boyd Haley

Conclusion and Q & A


11:15am – 11:30am:  Bret Dunkelberger

Bret’s Picks:  Embracing Diversity Awards


11:30am – 12:00pm:  Networking                        

12:00n-1:00pm:  Lunch


1:00pm-2:00pm:  Dr. Andrew Moulden

Vaccine induced “MASS” ischemic/hypoxic disorders – autism, sudden infant death, learning disabilities, ADHD, gardasil adversity, death, paralysis, autoimmunity: Addressing coincidence with cause and

MASS solutions.  Answers, hope and solutions for those with vaccine injury and neurodevelopmental disorders!


2:00pm2:15pm:  Break


2:15pm-3:00pm:  Dr. Andrew Moulden

Conclusion:  Treatment Options and Q & A


3:00pm-3:15pm:  Closing

Kathleen Dunkelberger RNC,CLNC-MOM!

Hope through Spirituality, Faith and Science




   Registration Information

Date: October 2, 2009; Friday

Time:  8:00 am to 3:15 pm

Location:  Country Cupboard Route 15 North                         Lewisburg, Pa.  17837


June 2009 to August 31, 2009: 

Parents of children with autism/individuals with autism/High School or College Students: $50.00

Professionals or Other: $60.00

Late Reg. for all after August 31, 2009:  $80.00

(Additional fees apply for transferring registrations to a different name.)


Fee Includes Conference, Breakfast and Lunch!


Make Check Payable to: Bret’s Adventure, Inc.


Mail Payment to:

Kathleen Dunkelberger c/o

Bret’s Adventure, Inc.

1015 Cherry Street

Paxinos, Pa.  17860


Contact Information:

Kathleen Dunkelberger RNC,CLNC

570-286-4332 or


Registration, payment and signature REQUIRED.

No refunds or cancellations after July 31, 2009.

Full refund up to July 31, 2009 with written request only.  Speakers/fees/booth vendors subject to change due to unforeseen events or discretion of the board.

Presenters and Vendors are independent from Bret’s Adventure, Inc.  No refunds for changes in event or if you do not show.  Payment must accompany registration.
















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Pittsburgh, Pa.


Bret’s Adventure, Inc.


Kathleen’s Nursing Consulting Services


Bureau of Autism Services

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Center for Independent Living

Williamsport, Pa.


Connections Academy

Holly Faust


Dr. Boyd Haley


Halifax Holistic Dentistry


Jones Center for Special Education Excellence


K & S Music

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Dr. Andrew Moulden


PrePaid Legal Services



Bringing Imagination and Music

Together for Learning.



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The Always Question Authority

Autism Conference is organized by

Bret’s Adventure, Inc.,

A nonprofit organization committed to supporting people with autism to pursue their passions, manifest their destinies and promote their healing as they emerge into everything God Created them to be!



Our guests stay at the Hampton Inn,

recipient of Bret’s Pick Embracing Diversity Award!

Hotel Accommodations:

Hampton Inn Shamokin Dam

Rts. 11 and 15; Shamokin Dam, Pa.


(Approx. 10 minute drive from conference site.)


Past Recipients of Bret’s Pick:

Dr. Bill Jones

Jamie Brink, TSS

Coles Hardware, Sunbury

Knoebels Grove, Elysburg

Champion Shoe, Lewisburg

Hampton Inn, Shamokin Dam

Lynda Culver, District Manager

Pa. House of Representatives

Bob Evans Restaurant, Shamokin Dam




It is time

That we first create,

Then set the standards,

In our Communities and Lives

Instead of complaining as others do so for us.




We must greet difference,

We must acknowledge difference,

Until difference,

Makes no difference,


A. Adele





Always Question Authority

Autism Conference

A conference for PEOPLE

With autism, their families and professionals,

Affected by the systems.



     Where:  Country Cupboard

      Route 15 North

      Lewisburg, Pa.  17837


      When:  Friday October 2, 2009


       Time:  8:30am to 3:15pm



Bret’s Adventure




Isn’t it time that people with Autism,

And their families,

Have the freedom to make

INFORMED decisions?



For more information contact:

Kathleen Dunkelberger